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Greeting As This Thing Launches

Greeting As This Thing Launches

Hi. My name is Dave Palmer, and I’m in the newly created position of Young Adult Ministry Coordinator for the Southern California-Nevada Conference of the UCC. I’m thrilled and honored to be able to serve in this capacity, as it falls in line with many of the things I’ve been engaged with in service during the course of my life.

This blog will outline many of the things we’ll be doing throughout the conference, and beyond.

One of the things I’m most excited about is my conviction that our shared UCC values are exactly those that many young adults find missing in their faith experiences, and that if they knew that a place existed that addressed their deep needs and desires for a spiritual journey, they would jump in.

In this role I’ve outlined several areas where I’ll be focusing my efforts, and I hope that this quick overview will help you to see what we’re building, and also to help you to generate ideas, questions, opportunities and more.

The Conference: I’ll be working to develop resources, events, content and opportunities for the SCNC to join the many disparate ways that the church is serving and being served by our young adults.

Congregations: I am a resource for congregations in the conference wanting to better understand the unique cultural context that speaks to and engages young adults, and to discuss means of more deeply engaging young adults. Let’s be in touch!

Young Adults: I want to meet our conference’s young adults and learn from them what they are wanting to engage, how they want to serve, and to be a resource to help connect them to the places where their greatest passions meet the world’s greatest needs. This is also an area where I’ll be working with Neal Washburn to develop a conduit for engagement from high school to next-steps in life for our young adults.

Communication: I will be working to develop a consistent pipeline of communication with the members of our conference, to help us more easily connect and work together.

Outdoor Ministry: As part of this position I will be a part of the Outdoor Ministry Team, and will join with the team to develop and promote wonderful opportunities at Pilgrim Pines, and see our outdoor ministries grow in the coming years.

There are links to our Facebook page and Twitter handle (@scncYA) at the top of the home page; content on the conference website will be updated, and we’ll be starting to look at things for the annual gathering, June 8-9 at Chapman University. I’d love to hear from you with ideas for things you’d like to see addressed, as well as having multiple contributors to the blog. In all of this, I need your help. I need your input, your points of view, your history, your frustrations, challenges and hopes. All of these will help to better understand how we can work together to better serve one another.

So please be in touch if you:

– want to discuss young adult ministry
– are a young adult interested in helping us dream up and launch the new things we’ll be doing
– would like to explore a time for me to meet with your congregation and talk through the culture and trends of Millennials

I appreciate your time and your willingness to engage and look forward to talking with many new friends.

Yours in service,